TUC congress: CSP calls for more investment in the NHS

The CSP has called for more investment in the NHS to raise the quality of care and help make it more sustainable.


Claire Sullivan: 'It is wrong to continue real terms pay cuts.' Photo: Jess Hurd

Proposing a motion to the TUC congress in Brighton today, CSP director Claire Sullivan said it was 'wrong' to continue real terms pay cuts on staff, cut posts and trigger widespread and rising stress levels among staff.

'The NHS is still the envy of the world,' but it was 'under greater threat than ever before’, Ms Sullivan said.

'The NHS faces difficult years ahead as people's health needs increase and money does not.’


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Despite the problems, Ms Sullivan praised the ‘fantastic care’ delivered by NHS staff, and argued there was further scope to raise the quality of what was provided.

'The way to do this is to invest to save, invest in quality and invest in prevention. That chimes with what we know as health professionals and trade unionists.’

In a debate on a separate motion on access to health services proposed by the Society of Radiographers, physio Julia Prince said self-referral brought benefits to the NHS and patients alike. It helped to cut costs and boosted quality, she said.

'We have the evidence that self-referral has worked in physiotherapy and believe that the many benefits can be replicated in other health care professions.’

Both motions were passed.

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