Bradford trust gets staff exercising at their workstations

An NHS trust selected a physio-led programme, which encourages staff to take care of their musculoskeletal (MSK) health, as a finalist in its annual awards.


Physiotherapist Jonathan Bongcawel said the exercises take 10-15 minutes to complete

The programme, run by senior physiotherapist Jonathan Bongcawel, was shortlisted for Bradford District Care NHS Trust’s awards, which recognise improvements delivered by teams or individuals.

The scheme aims to reduce MSK injuries, and pain aggravated at work, by increasing awareness of anatomy and good posture and promoting basic exercise as part of working life.

Since it started in June 2016, Mr Bongcawel has delivered it in workshops for up to 10 people. The sessions are designed for different groups of staff, including administrators, podiatrists and nurses.

‘Each class looks at a different part of the anatomy,’ Mr Bongcawel said. ‘They focus on neck, upper back and shoulders; back; hips; and the knees. This is because these are the most common areas which staff have referred themselves for since the start of the programme.

‘The sessions are offered to all staff, who can book themselves into a workshop electronically. And all the exercises are designed for people to do at their workstations, taking between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.’

As a reminder to staff to do their exercises, the trust’s IT department has loaded screensavers onto desktop computers. For those who have not yet attended one of the workshops, the screensavers also tell staff how they can join in.

Mr Boncawel is keen to print cards or stickers, which staff can place on the desks or keep in their wallets, as a daily reminder to keep up their exercise regime.


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