APCP launches new guidance for physios working with children with neuromuscular conditions

Physiotherapists who work with children with muscle-wasting conditions can now access comprehensive guidelines developed by specialist neuromuscular physios.


Neuromuscular research physio Beverley Toms helped compile the guidance

Members of the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists’ neuromuscular committee worked with other health specialists to produce the guidelines, published on 24 March.

The resource provides an outline of good practice management for infants, children and young adults with neuromuscular disorders.

It covers their general assessment and care, as well as focusing on specific conditions such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, congenital myasthenic syndrome and myasthenia gravis.

Evidence based

Beverly Toms, a neuromuscular research physiotherapist at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and one of the document’s authors, said: ‘Neuromuscular disorders are all rare conditions. Physiotherapists, in common with other professionals, may not have treated children and young people with these conditions or have limited experience.

‘To give their patients the best possible support it is essential that physiotherapists have access to relevant information and resources to assist them.

‘This guidance was produced by experts with extensive experience in this area and underpinned by the available evidence base.’

Seeking feedback

As well asproviding an overview of neuromuscular conditions, the document provides links to relevant outcome measures, practical advice on assessment and management and other useful resources, such as a list of the UK’s specialist neuromuscular centres.

The authors are welcoming feedback and comments from other physiotherapists, which may help to inform further development of the document and additional resources.

To provide feedback contact nm@apcp.org.uk

Author: Robert Millett

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