Physios and GPs could work more closely in Scotland’s new-look primary care

A redesign of primary care in Scotland will focus on multidisciplinary working between GPs and other health professionals, including physiotherapists.


The 10 new models of primary care are ‘practical illustrations of necessary wider changes’, a Scottish government spokesperson said

This is according to a Scottish government spokesperson, who told Frontline that over the next few months the government would decide how to use its £20.5 million primary care transformation fund.

Initiatives supported by the fund will include 10 test sites for new models of primary care, she said.

The sites are in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Tayside, Forth Valley, Campbeltown, West Lochaber, Islay, mid-Argyll and Clackmannanshire.

They were identified in the government’s programme for 2015-16, A Stronger Scotland, published on 1 September. The document promises a reform of primary and community care, and that best practice will be rolled out across the country during the next term of parliament.

‘The AHP Active and Independent Living Improvement Programme will be developed, following feedback from board area engagement events,’ the spokesperson said.

She added that the National Conversation, a programme of public events and discussions about healthcare taking place around the country until next April, will be an integral part of the primary care reform agenda.

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