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Find out more about the 2024 CSP Annual Conference theme, Rehabilitation Transforms Population Health

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Delegates at the 2023 conference

I really enjoyed the CSP conference, the themes and sessions were really forward thinking and made me feel proud to be a physiotherapist.

2023 conference delegate

Our 2024 conference theme is Rehabilitation Transforms Population Health, and the conference planning group are inviting proposals for symposium sessions that address our theme in any of these areas:

Targeted action 

What approaches achieve improvements in health for core and minoritised populations at higher risk of experiencing health inequalities? This includes those living with learning disabilities, autism, a cancer diagnosis, respiratory disease, pain, or severe mental illness.

This theme focuses on actions that can improve patient experiences and outcomes and develop services. We explore co-creation, reasonable adjustment and ways to widen access to effective, personalised care. 

Comprehensive rehabilitation 

This theme investigates evidence about rehabilitation for trauma, acute illness or planned surgery and asks how we can reduce waiting lists and unplanned care.

It delves into health informatics, evaluating how we use data and technologies to better understand populations, tailor and deliver rehabilitation.

We explore integrated rehabilitation and the comprehensive approaches that support an increasing aging population living with multi-morbidity and long-term conditions including frailty, orthopaedic, and neurological conditions. 

Building capacity 

Post-pandemic challenges for young and old include low physical activity levels, loneliness, rising rates of obesity, mental ill-health and musculoskeletal conditions.

This theme focuses on physiotherapy that addresses these challenges. It asks how we safeguard and invest in the health of the workforce, including our physiotherapy workforce. It examines how to build capacity to enable higher level performance and fitness to work.

We consider collaboration, ways to forge partnerships and connect across specialties and settings, including the NHS, private and third sectors, to promote health and well-being and prevent ill-health.

The conference provides such valuable networking and is absolutely fantastic value for money. These things can't be measured yet remain invaluable.

Transformation and transition

What are the physiotherapy approaches and models of service delivery that support people as they grow, and at key life stages? This theme examines the interventions and innovative technologies that assist development, foster participation, and optimise outcomes.

It investigates evidence-based physiotherapy approaches to peri-natal health, continence, and pelvic pain. 

We explore patient preferences and needs at transition points and effective person-centred care. Here, we journey from neonatal physiotherapy to physiotherapy that enables those near the end of life

Evolving workforce

The physiotherapy workforce is evolving, working in different and blended roles, with emerging technologies and in new systems. Routes into physiotherapy and career pathways are diverse and expanding, and more of the workforce have international healthcare experiences.

Here we focus on the modes of learning, innovation, educational and leadership approaches that assist workforce development at all levels and across the pillars of practice.

We discuss navigating new environments, enhanced and advanced career opportunities and support systems e.g., preceptorship, mentoring, professional networks.

I was surprised at how much content was relevant to my practice and would definitely attend again and recommend others to do so.

2023 conference delegate
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