About West Midlands Regional Network

You can follow the West Midlands CSP Network on Twitter (@WestMidlandsCSP) or like our Facebook page. All the latest information about events in the West Midlands region can be found on these pages.

CSP English Regional Networks play a key role promoting physiotherapy in the region as well as exerting influence on decisions that impact on services regionally and locally.  As well as creating an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, the CSP local events give you a chance to campaign on behalf of the profession and learn some new skills to support you with influencing.  

Benefits of West Midlands membership:

  • Open to all members in the region qualified, associates, students, retired members
  • Opportunity to attend free networking and CPD events 
  • Your network is supported by a core group of members who organise the network activities, its forums and other events. It has an elected representative for the region who sits on the CSP Council and helps decide CSP policy by submitting motions to the Annual Representatives Council. 

CSP members can volunteer to get involved, whether you’re privately employed or an NHS employee there’s nothing stopping you.  It doesn’t take up much time, and the Network gets support from the CSP and it is very rewarding.   


Key contacts


Phil Hulse and Helen Owen are the Co-Chairs of the West Midlands regional network and can be contacted at westmidlandschair@csp.org.uk

Mindy Dalloway is the CSP's Campaigns and Regional Engagement Officer for the West Midlands who can be contacted at: dallowaym@csp.org.uk or via Twitter @CSPMindy.


The CSP West Midlands Localism team
The CSP has a team of staff who work together to provide a breadth of services to local members covering: campaigning, clinical advice, influencing, employment relations, workplace issues and member engagement.

The team consists of:

CSP Professional Advisor
Rachael Wadlow  is the CSP Professional Adviser for the West Midlands and can be contacted at: wadlowr@csp.org.uk

CSP Campaigns & Regional Engagement Officer
Mindy Dalloway supports the work of the West Midlands regional network and local events as well as supporting members with campaigning and influencing, she can be contacted at: dallowaym@csp.org.uk or via Twitter@CSPMindy

CSP Senior Negotiating Officer
Emma Lenehan
is the CSP's Senior Negotiating Officer overseeing the local stewards and health & safety reps network and employment issues. Emma can be contacted at LenehanE@csp.org.uk.

CSP Organising Officer
Iain Croker
is the Organising Officer and can be contacted at crokeri@csp.org.uk.

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