CSP Scottish board

The purpose of the CSP Scottish Board is to lead and represent the profession and members in Scotland, by promoting excellence in physiotherapy practice and employment, and influencing healthcare policy across the Scotland and the rest of the UK.

You can contact Scottish Board through your local/network representative or by emailing the CSP Scotland office or by downloading a list of members.

The CSP Scottish Board aims to act as the voice of physiotherapy in Scotland and to support members in transforming people’s health and well being.

The principal roles of CSP Scottish Board are to:

  • Provide a forum for all sections of the CSP membership to be represented and to discuss matters affecting the membership and physiotherapy profession in Scotland, acting as a conduit for information from grass roots membership to CSP Council and vice versa. ‘Engaging

  • Influence policy makers and stakeholders within the CSP, Scottish Government and local Health Boards. ‘Influencing

  • Advise and provide a key link between the Scottish membership and CSP functions on issues affecting the physiotherapy profession in Scotland. ‘Advising

  • Support members in Scotland involved in activities for the CSP and support the CSP Scottish Office to deliver strategic priorities in Scotland. ‘Supporting

  • Further develop and safeguard the interests of CSP members in Scotland keeping a watching brief on developments that affect CSP members in Scotland. ‘Monitoring

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