InteractiveCSP (iCSP) Community Rules

These rules are designed to ensure Our Online Communities are a safe space for professional information exchange, discussion and knowledge sharing.

Please act in accordance with them in all aspects of your use of the Online Communities.   All use of the CSP website must also comply with the website Terms of Service, which users sign-up to when they register to the site.

1. Use the communities to learn from and support your peers

Take from what is useful and give back what you can, when you can. Share your knowledge and resources and so lead by example.  Be polite and respectful and remember that others may have a different point of view or level of understanding and experience.

2. Do not use the communities for advertising

This specifically prohibits advertising paid jobs or professional services.

Courses and Events can be advertised only through our course booking website - advertising charges apply.

3. Only email a discussion if your support need is urgent.

Please use in exceptional circumstances when the support need is urgent. Please contact us at if you require additional support with the email feature on iCSP.

4. Add content just once

Please allow us the facilitators of the website to share your content to other networks if it is relevant to do so. Please contact us at if you want your content shared, we will assist you with this request. Thank you.

5. Use workplace support first, where appropriate

Agreed support structures or procedures should be considered before seeking peer support on iCSP e.g. clinical supervision or local protocols.

6. Only seek peer support when appropriate

This specifically excludes asking peers for help with preparing for a job interview or completing an assignment for a course of study.

7. Investigate the issue before seeking peer support.

Please check with colleagues, search the internet or search the Website for existing content before creating a discussion.

8. Be clear, concise and constructive

Summarise the theme in the title, use simple, accessible but professional language, write out abbreviations in full, adopt a friendly tone, don't write in capitals or overuse exclamation marks and if appropriate sign off and thank people at the end.

9. You are responsible for your actions

Always appraise, reflect upon and validate what you read and ensure you have a sound basis for your decisions and actions and only operate within your scope of practice. If in doubt seek guidance from clinical colleagues or supervisors or seek further evidence before acting.

10. Respect copyright, data protection and privacy

Do not distribute text or graphics that are copyright protected unless you have permission to do so. Clearly state your source if you quote a book, journal, website or other reference. Do not publish another person's contact details unless you have their explicit consent to do so.

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