About the BAME network

CSP's BAME network represents the interests of Black, Asian and minority ethnic CSP members, and is a lead contributor to physiotherapy’s equality and diversity agenda.

The BAME network is one of three diversity networks, and is open to all CSP members who identify Black, Asian or from an ethnic minority, including students and associates. Membership is on the basis of self-identification and is confidential. Access to details is restricted to those CSP officers who work directly with them.

Our aims

  • Better outcomes for BAME members – improved support offer for members
  • Growing the network / increasing reach ​(across all CSP membership) 
  • Amplifying voices – highlighting the diversity of experience within the network

What we do

BAME network members

Learn from each other

The network allows us to share ideas, and build our understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face in a safe, supportive environment. It is a springboard to spread our individual and collective learning among the membership and in our workplaces, physiotherapy and the wider world.

Share and support

We share our problems and successes. A key activity for the networks is peer support: members can volunteer to be put in touch with others who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace. And when we progress issues, we find sensitive ways to get the message out.

Organise and influence

Together we identify and plan activity that seeks to address discriminatory behaviours, processes and structures to promote equality and diversity at work and in society. That includes influencing change locally and nationally, in the CSP, the profession, the wider health system and government legislation too, working with partners, wherever necessary and possible. We achieve this, in part, by submitting motions and sending representatives to the CSP Annual Representative Conference (ARC) and to TUC equality conferences. 

Committee roles

Current vacancies: None

Roles are open to all CSP members (including students and associates) who identify as BAME. 

If a role becomes available the committee will notify members via iCSP, X (formerly Twitter) and WhatsApp. 

See how the diversity networks operate for details of how the committee is chosen, and to find a copy of our constitution.

Network chair

Term: two years


  • Leading on vision for the network. 
  • Liaising with CSP council, EDB committee, and diversity officer. 
  • Managing the network’s inbox. 
  • Leading the network’s delegation to ARC, PUK, TUC conference. 
  • Raising concerns of the network with CSP council. 
  • Liaising with other diversity network chairs. 
  • Chairing the network’s annual general meeting and network day events.
Image of BAME Network Chair, Rajkumar Samuel

Current chair: Rajkumar Samuel 

Rajkumar works part-time at South Warwickshire University Foundation Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham as a community physiotherapist and a team lead.

He graduated from Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu, India.

He worked as a lecturer at DAV College, Jalandhar, Punjab before coming to the UK in 2004.

He is an active member of an association that promotes the Tamil language and heritage.

Rajkumar states: 'I am very passionate to help my colleagues and friends by sharing my lived experience to progress, to deal with workplace and social issues in any possible way I can.'

He also believes the huge potential of BAME physios should be utilised in senior roles in the NHS and private sectors.

He lives with his wife and two young children in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Find Rajkumar on Twitter


Term: two years


  • Supporting the chair with tasks as capacity and diary allow.

Current vice-chair: Jay Gandhi



Term: two years


To lead on administration tasks including:  

  • Liaising with the leadership team to plan meetings. 
  • Gathering agenda items from committee members. 
  • Circulating agendas and reports. 
  • Taking and circulating minutes.
  • Checking that agreed actions are carried out. 

Supporting the leadership team with other tasks necessary for the functioning of the network as capacity allows. 

Image of Suk Wong CSP BAME Network Secretary posing by a body of water

Current secretary: Suki Wong

I am a specialist physiotherapist with the community neuro stroke team at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Originally from Malaysia, I came to the UK in 2008 to complete my BSc (Hons) at Keele University, and worked at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals for around eight years.

I started engaging with the CSP BAME network when I started my current role at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and greatly benefited from the peer support of network members. I am currently a member of the trust BAME committee, national Chief Allied Health Professions Officer BAME Strategic Advisory Group and a CSP mentor.

My passion is supporting students especially those from a BAME heritage and international students on clinical placement. I hope to continue to be involved in current and future work at increasing diversity into AHP professions, supporting diverse AHP students on clinical placement, supporting them into employment and to ensure development and progression opportunities are equitable for everyone with protected characteristics.

Find Suki on Twitter


Events officer

Term: two years


  • To lead on curating events for the network, including the annual networks day and the AGM. 
  • Supporting the leadership team with other tasks necessary for the functioning of the network as capacity allows.

Current events officer: Salil Parkar

Communications officers (x3)

Term: two years


  • To lead on content for the network CSP webpage, including the network iCSP forum, as well as WhatsApp updates and network communications with Frontline magazine. 
  • Supporting the leadership team with other tasks necessary for the functioning of the network as capacity allows.

Current communications officers:

  • Pallavi Dodia
  • Jayanti Rai
  • Devdeep Ahuja (leading on Frontline communications)

Practice and development officer

Term: two years


  • To lead on communication with team members from the CSP Practice and Development Directorate, including giving feedback for a practice and development project or consulting with network members. 
  • Supporting the leadership team with other tasks necessary for the functioning of the network as capacity allows. 
Olubunmi Temitope Olasanoye

Current practice and development officer: Olubunmi (Bunmi) Temitope Olasanoye

I am a specialist falls prevention physiotherapist with Central London Community Healthcare.

My previous work experience includes rotational postings, private practice as well as FCP role.

I am an overseas qualified physiotherapist, trained in Nigeria with a master's degree from Coventry University.

I have gained support through the CSP BAME network and now opportune to be a part of the leadership committee. 

I have supported/supporting many overseas qualified physiotherapists prior to this position and with this platform, I can support the development and access to support for more BAME members (students inclusive), challenge status quo, and increase diverse representation at every level.

Student officer

Term: two years

Criteria: must be a current student and can roll over into first year of postgrad


  • Speaking from a student perspective so that the network’s annual actions incorporate the student voice. 
  • Engaging students in network activity. 
  • Supporting the leadership team with other tasks necessary for the functioning of the network as capacity allows.  

Current student officer: Lekha Mankar

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