Shout Out for Support Workers

Our Shout Out for Support Workers (#ShoutOut4SW) initiative helps promote the visibility of physiotherapy support workers

Shout out for support workers

The Shout Out 4 Support Workers visibility initiative launched yesterday, 23 November, at the Coping in Clinical Practice during a Covid-19 webinar hosted by the East of England regional network.

Shout Out for Support Workers aims to:   

  • promote CSP associate member and support worker visibility in the workplace 
  • recognise that the support workforce is a vital part of the physiotherapy profession
  • support the growth, development and empowerment of the support workforce.
Support workers holding up Shout Out For Support Workers digital placards on a video call

Support workers and their allies were encouraged to share stories and pictures of themselves holding up our digital placards to recognise and celebrate the physio support workforce. The action will move from online to offline by members putting up a Shout Out poster in their workplace. 

The posters encourage support workers to join the CSP, and existing associate members to becoming workplace representatives. The whole visibility initiative is designed to empower our associate members and raise their voices within the CSP.  

What next?  

  • Use the Shout Out for Support Workers placard (either digital or print version) to join our visibility, recognition and celebration event for Associates/Support Workers
  • Send your name and postal address to to receive posters and flyers of the Shout Out for Support Workers to put up in your workplace
  • Recruit the support workforce as CSP members by increasing visibility within the CSP and beyond (participate in the Shout Out) and by increasing the visibility of the CSP in your workplace (put up the posters)
  • Support the empowerment of our support workforce by recruiting a CSP associate member as CSP rep. Encourage those interested in becoming a rep to contact:
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