Workplace wins

Find out what your workplace steward can do for you and share in some of our successes

Workplace wins
Workplace wins

Your CSP steward and safety rep are there to support you on individual workplace problems and to help coordinate collective responses to problems affecting groups of members. 

Win 1: On call pay

Until recently, staff at an NHS trust on the South East coast did not receive on-call pay in line with the standard provisions in the NHS Agenda for Change (AfC) contract. Instead, the trust’s on-call policy was agreed locally, and as the agreement hadn’t been formalised members had not received any annual increments since 2013.   

Our stewards, Miranda, Becky, Lloyd and Robert, worked with the rest of the trust’s reps to produce a formal, joint union position. The position stated that all on-call pay should be immediately uplifted to the national 2018 AfC rates, and that all staff who had completed on-call work since April 2018 should receive backdated pay equivalent to the shortfall. Agreeing a joint union position and strategy prior to meeting with management helped the unions achieve a successful and quick resolution – with management and payroll agreeing to the demands, to the benefit of 4,000 staff.     

Win 2: Weekend pay 

A member employed by a Scottish NHS trust started to work on weekend cover shifts as part of their core hours, to help accommodate home schooling during Covid-19. However, their manager refused to pay unsocial hours payments (UHPs) reasoning that as the arrangement suited our member they weren’t entitled to them. 

The CSP’s steward at the trust advised the member that they were entitled to enhancements. When the manager challenged this, they spoke with the CSP’s senior negotiating officer to confirm their understanding that UHPs are agreed at the national level and cannot be deviated from locally. 

By drawing on their knowledge of NHS terms and conditions and the support of the wider CSP team, our rep was able to stand their ground, and the manager and trust’s HR team paid the member their owed salary. 

Win 3: Physio space

A physiotherapy service in Kent has reopened its doors thanks to their workplace team, after seven months of operating without a physical space to accommodate Covid-19 surge planning. 

Working to regain the space, our rep Steve completed an impact assessment on the advice of the CSP’s organiser. By involving as many members as possible in this assessment, a united position was developed within the workplace.  

The impact assessment was also useful in drawing links with the trust’s wider drive on staff wellbeing, strengthening the team’s case. 

These points were then discussed at an all-staff digital meeting with the trust’s senior management team, to ensure all staff were able to have a voice in service planning.

Win 4: Annual leave 

All substantive staff at an NHS trust in the South East have secured an extra day of annual leave from their board of directors, in recognition for exceptional working during Covid. This follows repeated efforts by the trust’s unions to raise the issue of ‘rewards’ and acknowledgement when meeting with their senior executive team to discuss staff recruitment and retention. 

The unions were persistent in presenting their case, and demonstrated how reward and recognition could make a positive impact within the workplace. Our rep, Rachael, says that by suggesting the trust would be seen a trailblazer in agreeing a local reward for staff contribution, the unions were able to bring the trust’s leadership on side. Staff now say that this tangible reward feels like real and genuine recognition from the trust. 

Join the team

CSP stewards and safety reps are normally best able to give advice and representation on employment matters. We can only provide the kind of support we do in the workplace if we have a strong CSP workplace team. If you are interested then speak to the CSP rep in your workplace, or find out more here.

Workplace issues?

If you need support on an employment matter or on health and safety, contact your workplace rep in the first instance. Or call the CSP Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or

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