Union services: workplace wins

Your CSP steward and safety rep are there to support you on individual workplace problems and to help co-ordinate collective responses to problems

Union Services: workplace wins


We share some of their successes with you.

Win 1: New furniture and equipment

Following a health and safety inspection at a trust in Salford, Felicity, the safety rep, negotiated the purchase of new equipment. Staff were concerned about the health and safety risks of having to use unsuitable equipment in both the inpatients and outpatients departments. This included broken chairs that didn’t have wheels and tables and chairs that were not able to be adjusted to different heights.

Felicity arranged an inspection in partnership with the trust health and safety directorate and negotiated for the purchase new equipment, including over 30 chairs in inpatients, 12 chairs in outpatients, 10 height adjustable desks in outpatients and height adjustable tables for staff laptops in each of the outpatient cubicles. An inspection in the community setting is now being planned.

Win 2: Reduced hours

Laura, a steward at a trust in Sheffield, secured a reduction in working hours for a member. The member wanted to reduce their hours due to health issues but informal discussions with their manager had been unsuccessful. Laura helped the member make a formal request for flexible working, which resulted in a reduction of hours to four days per week and the buying of annual leave to reduce hours further.

Win 3: Parking permits

Stewards Jenny and Russell secured department on-call parking permits at a trust in Leeds. After taking away overnight permits for on-site working, staff were faced with having to pay £3 per night in the on-site multi storey car park or £14 per month. The stewards raised the concerns of members with the respiratory manager and they jointly approached the head of estates with a proposal and plan for a department specific on-call parking permit. Following negotiations, this was agreed.

Win 4: Recognition of Crohn’s disease as a disability

A member who worked at a Liverpool hospital suffered from Crohn’s disease and was having to take time off work due to the condition. HR didn’t accept that Crohn’s disease was a disability, which resulted in the member’s sickness absence triggers being hit.

Stewards Orlagh and Paula organised a meeting with the member, management and HR, where they highlighted their concerns and argued that the member’s Crohn’s disease should be considered a disability and any absence due to the condition should be kept separate from sickness. HR agreed to recognise Crohn’s as a disability and the member’s sickness leave records were amended. Any future absence due to Crohn’s will not set off trigger points. 

Workplace issues?
If you need support on an employment matter or on health and safety, contact your workplace rep in the first instance. Or call the CSP Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or enquiries@csp.org.uk

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