Physiotherapy UK 2019: how to have the best conference experience

Physiotherapy UK 2019 is on the horizon

Physiotherapy UK 2019

The CSP’s annual conference provides an exciting mix of focused symposia and workshops grouped around four key themes, interspersed with plenary sessions, workshops, scientific poster presentations and many opportunities for networking. Whether you’re attending #Physio19 or interested in another conference, here’s some advice about getting the most from your experience.   


Making the most of conference is all about getting organised. Before you go:

  • set yourself personal objectives
  • check the timetable and make yourself a plan
  • choose which focused symposia and workshop sessions you want to attend

Top Tip

Look beyond the session title. Something that doesn’t sound particularly relevant could turn out to be a personal highlight of the conference.

What is a focused symposia?

Typically a 90 minute session led by a recognised expert in the field who develops the session and invites clinicians or researchers to take part in linked presentations and critical debate, drawing out the relevance to physios in practice, policy or education.

Audience interaction is key: it’s a forum to exchange and explore ideas to shape practice.

At #Physio19

Some focused symposia will be running extended sessions where delegates can meet the panel, and further develop their knowledge and understanding of the topic, translating their learning into practice.

Partnering the CSP this year are:

  • The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists (ACPC)
  • The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE)
  • The Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP)

At Physiotherapy 2019 the four themes are:

  • The next generation,
  • Fit for work,
  • Managing complexity (including MSK) and
  • Innovation in rehabilitation


Abstracts are an important part of any conference. Earlier in the conference planning process, CSP members were invited to submit work based projects, audit, research and service improvements as abstracts, which have since been peer reviewed by a panel of experts. 

Accepted abstracts will be one of:

  • a scientific poster (to be displayed between conference rooms)
  • a Rapid 5 presentation (just five slides)
  • a platform presentation (more traditional eight-minute presentation)


Workshops are a more traditional information-sharing plenary lecture aimed at developing practice. 

At #Physio19

CBT skills

  • Introduction to the Health and Work report (previously known as the AHP Fit for Work Report)
  • The Occupational Health Toolkit
  • Fringe zone
  • The fringe is the area at the back of the main exhibition hall.  

At #Physio19

We’re focussing on member well-being and will be hosting a range of sessions aimed at supporting your well-being.

Exhibition hall

The exhibition hall is a CPD-rich space allowing delegates to work at their own pace. 

There are exhibitors with stands providing information about products, services and support relevant to physiotherapy practice and development. 

It’s a great opportunity to stretch your legs and gather up as many free gifts as you can carry.

At #Physio19

In the centre of the exhibition hall is the CSP stand, where CSP staff, council members and speakers will be available for you to come and talk with.

Camp fire

A new concept for #Physio19.

We will be making the most of the registration zone by gathering in one corner. This is an informal session where delegates can wander in and out of the space at any time, or gather on the perimeter, to listen to what is happening. It’s your opportunity to get on your soap box and engage in debate and exchange your point of view. Sessions will be led by a facilitator and may be supported by other contributors. You can help to create the content, about the burning issues in professional life, without the need for lengthy presentations.

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