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Lawrence Owers explains how a strong benevolent fund is good for the profession

Lawrence Owers Head of Physiotherapy, St Richard’s Hospital, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

The CSP Members Benevolent Fund (MBF) was founded in 1917 and I was extremely privileged to become its chair of trustees in October 2018. The MBF, whilst a member of the CSP family, is a wholly independent charity, established for the sole purpose of supporting past and present members of the CSP who are experiencing hardship or distress.

The MBF has celebrated its 100th anniversary and, moving beyond this milestone, the trustees are working and planning hard to ensure the fund is as strong and resilient in its ability to support members in the future (with all its uncertainties) as it has been in the past.

It may surprise you to know that 86 per cent of the beneficiaries of the MBF are of working age. Over the past year the MBF has distributed over £80,000 in grants and support to almost 100 beneficiaries. Most importantly, in 2018, 26 beneficiaries were able to return to work or saw sufficient improvement in their circumstances to enable them to manage without the support of the

86% of MBF beneficiaries are of working age


Not wanting to sound cliché but the MBF is your organisation; as a source of support when life takes a difficult turn for you or your family and, if I may be so bold, one for you to support, when you can, to guarantee that the physiotherapy profession retains a strong benevolent fund for its members.

If you feel the MBF could support you, please contact us – our website will provide all the information you need.

The MBF board of trustees, as the current custodians of your benevolent fund, wants you to know that the MBF makes a big difference where and when it can and it is striving to ensure that, should you ever need its help, your profession is there, right behind you. 

If you would like to contribute straightaway to the work of the MBF you can text MBF to 70085 to donate £5

  • Lawrence Owers is head of physiotherapy at St Richard’s Hospital, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

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