Rehabilitation ‘beyond the clinic’

Kelly Hogan explores a broader way of thinking for an exciting approach to rehabilitation

Kelly Hogan
Kelly Hogan is a clinical specialist physiotherapist at Physio4You – NeuroPhysio

As neuro physiotherapists working in the community and treating people with long-term brain injury and physical disability it is important to keep long-term rehabilitation fun, dynamic and goal focussed. 

Achieving this through exploring exciting alternative rehab methods outside of the clinic and home settings, supports our rehab mantra ‘beyond the clinic’.  

We are establishing ways to encourage people to engage in methods which are outside the confines of the clinic and home exercise realm, while ensuring enjoyment and engagement along with relevant, therapeutic, and positive outcomes.

Given our love of winter sports, skiing and snowboarding seemed like a good place to start. Alongside the benefits of building fitness, strength, coordination, and balance.

Being on the slopes can give a feeling of freedom, confidence, and independence that our clients often do not get to experience. 

Our newly-termed ‘ski-hab’ service is an innovative way to engage our client group in an area that they may not have discovered for themselves or that they did previously, but participation post-injury was not obvious.  

From the coordination, dexterity and strength needed to put on a ski boot to having the skills and confidence in getting onto a button lift, the rehabilitation potentials and transfer of skills are immense. 

We have been working alongside the Disability Snowsport UK team to gain the maximum potential from our clients and whether our clients need to use a sit ski, mono-ski or are able to stand ski, there are bucket loads of rehab potential and fun for everyone ‘beyond the clinic’. 

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