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With the cost of living increasing, it’s now more important than ever to make savings wherever we can. As a member of the CSP, you have access to specialist services and resources that will protect and support you throughout your working life. Here are just a few ways that you can save money through your CSP membership:

Stay protected and insured 

Whether you’re practicing within an NHS or private setting, giving advice outside of the workplace or undertaking voluntary physiotherapy work, professional liability insurance (PLI) has practicing chartered and associate members covered. You can also access the professional advice service for confidential advice and support, or gain representation at work to support you through employment issues. Like any insurance, hopefully you won’t ever need any of the above, but you’ll save thousands of pounds through your membership if you do.

Boost your employability

The CSP has a wealth of member benefits designed to support your professional development and to help you advance in your career.

  • Access career tools and virtual learning activities through the CSP Learning Hub and manage your CPD through your own digital portfolio.
  • Attend regular webinars to help grow your knowledge in different clinical areas.
  • Become a mentor or mentee, to share or develop your skills with other members.
  • Get involved in a professional, diversity or regional net-work to develop skills and build your professional network.
  • Apply to take part in our Leadership Development Programme in 2023.

With 8 out of 10 physiotherapists and an increasing number of support workers choosing to be members, you’ll appear more

attractive to employers when you’re part of the CSP community.

I joined the CSP as an associate member to enhance my knowledge. Accessing Frontline and online CSP resources have

Olufunmilayo Oludare,
Olufunmilayo Oludare, Interim lead AHP support worker, North East London NHS Trust

empowered me and keep me informed of evidence-based practice on community rehabilitation,’ says Olufunmilayo Oludare,  interim lead AHP support worker, North East London NHS Trust.

Everyday deals and discounts

Save money on gym membership, cinema tickets and car insurance with CSP Plus. You can also save 15 per cent on CSP branded uniform. Plus, when you refer a new member to the CSP through our Refer and Reward Scheme, both you and the new member will get a £10 reward code to spend with a variety of retailers, restaurants and experience providers.

Influence on pay

Being part of a 63,000 strong physiotherapy community means you are part of the voice of the profession. You can help us campaign and demonstrate on issues that affect you including pay and cost of living.

Claim tax back on your subscriptions

Did you know you may be able claim tax relief on your CSP and HCPC subscription fees? Keep an eye out for our advice on how to do so when we notify you of your 2023 membership renewals.

Explore your full list of member benefits

Case Study

The CSP guided me through a very difficult time with work. Not only was my physical health affected but also my mental health. Work had no consideration for my well-being throughout my recovery from Covid and developing Long Covid. They showed no understanding. Unfortunately/fortunately I have had to use the CSP on three occasions now. One for harassment and bullying, secondly because work stopped paying us due to no work at the hospital during the pandemic, and finally this current episode. I currently pay car insurance, house insurance, life insurance and, when going away, travel insurance. I could argue what is the point of paying for all those, they are a waste of time. Money thrown away because I don’t need to use them. We pay for all those because when you crash your car and it cost thousands of pounds, that’s when car insurance is worth it. 

And that is why CSP fees are worth it. When there is an indemnity claim, an employment problem or you need representation at an employment tribunal, then you look at it differently and the fees are worth it. If I hadn’t had the support and all the hours that the CSP has given me, what would I have done? Citizens Advice Bureau may be an option but they don’t know the ins and outs of our profession well enough, or I could have got some advice from a solicitor who deals in employment law. Solicitors may be a tad more expensive than joining the CSP!” 

RM, chartered CSP member

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