Hidden value

Most of us know about the insurance we get as part of our CSP membership and feel safe in the knowledge that we are protected in the workplace by being part of a trade union. But there’s far more to gain from membership than meets the eye

Hidden benifits


I have found a sense of community and support from other members

I first found out about the Black, Asian and minority ethnic network around Covid time. I moved jobs, as well as moving to a new city, so I felt quite isolated from my community. I thought I would join the BAME network WhatsApp group to see if I could get that sense of community that I was missing. 

The WhatsApp group is really beneficial for informal questions or sharing difficult situations at work. We all keep the discussions private and confidential, but we also support and signpost resources to each other. It’s a safe space. We also celebrate each other’s successes. If someone’s been able to attend a course or has been successful getting a new job, you will see lots of members congratulating each other. It has a really positive feeling.

The network has allowed me to connect with different people from ethnic minorities, as well as with members from the other diversity networks. I’ve found the sense of community that I was missing. 

Suki Wong – specialist physiotherapist, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

I am developing transferable skills for the workplace 

When I decided to take on the challenge of developing advanced practice roles in injection therapy and diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound training, I found myself facing a substantial financial hurdle. That’s when I applied for CSP Charitable Trust funding.

I was delighted to be successful in my application, and these funds proved to be invaluable. As someone working in private practice, expanding my services required more than just paying for courses. I needed equipment and support to establish these new services. These funds helped with those costs and made it possible.

Looking back, I can’t emphasise enough how important the support of the CSP Charitable Trust has been for my career and my practice. These funds didn’t just provide money; they gave me a chance to grow and offer specialised services to my patients.

Stewart Kerr – advanced practice physiotherapist, Life Fit Wellness

I can offer specialist services to my patients

The events I have attended or helped to organise as part of the south-central regional network committee, have been informative, helped to expand my network and have been a driving factor in my pursuit to explore the other three pillars of practice in addition to my clinical role. Now, having been recently elected as a steward, I am looking forward to developing new skills in communication, negotiation and advocacy whilst representing members in my workplace. 

Trying some of these opportunities out at such an early stage in my career has allowed me to make the most of my membership, and develop transferable skills which not only make me a better physiotherapist, but help me give back to the community by inspiring others to get involved too.

Laura Bunce - rotational physiotherapist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

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