Advice line: supply training in rebound therapy

No one individual or organisation has the sole right to supply training in rebound therapy, says assistant director of practice and development Sue Hayward-Giles.

Recent legal action to invalidate the trademark of the name rebound therapy has led to some confusion about who can practise the therapy and who can provide training. 
Rebound therapy is the term used to describe the therapeutic use of the trampoline. It is distinct from gymnastic trampolining. Physios use this approach to facilitate rehab programmes for adults and children with a wide range of abilities, including mild to profound physical and learning disability.
In addition to providing a physical therapy, rebound therapy provides many people with a valuable opportunity to enjoy movement and interaction.
Members may be aware that in the last two years the CSP has taken legal action to invalidate the trademark of the term rebound therapy. The trademark restricted a physiotherapist’s ability to practise normally in this specialty area.
The society was successful and the trademark was invalidated in March last year. As a result, rebound therapy is not protected as a registered trademark so members can use the term without seeking permission from any other individual or organisation. 
Chartered physios can practise rebound therapy, if they are competent to do so. They can train others in the practice and use of rebound therapy – this may be on a one-to-one basis or in groups.
Members must, of course, practise according to Health and Care Professions Council standards and the CSP’s quality assurance standards of practice and the code of professional values and behaviour.
Information to support the practice of rebound therapy is being reviewed and developed by various CSP professional networks and the Rebound Therapy Working Group (RTWG).
Please direct any questions about practice or training on this topic to Debbi Cook of the RTWG on:
Sue Hayward-Giles

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