Comment: creature comforts

Human beings tend to be creatures of habit but we all need to challenge ourselves, says Frontline managing editor Lynn Eaton.

We like to stay within our comfort zone. A familiar routine; reliable group of close friends; even going to the same holiday destination each year. We like to know what to expect in an otherwise chaotic world.
But sometimes we must challenge ourselves – either because we seek a fresh approach to our lives, or perhaps because we’re forced to by changes in our home or work circumstances.
Our continuing professional development looks at some things you can do to help you achieve your goals – not least by expanding your comfort zone.
Chief executive Karen Middleton builds on the theme in her column by discussing the importance of ‘thought diversity’ in a team. Appointing staff who have a different approach from existing members will bring a fresh perspective.
It’s all too easy to feel confused, disorientated and even undervalued when faced with new circumstances. I’m reminded of a term coined at a recent Physio Works event in Northern Ireland: the need for ‘bouncebackability’.
Next time your comfort zone feels threatened, just take a deep breath – and work out how to use it as an opportunity to demonstrate your value.
Lynn Eaton

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