Physiotherapy – a career for everyone

Whatever your race, gender or sexuality, physiotherapy is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice for anyone passionate about helping others improve their physical health and wellbeing.  


Physiotherapists recognise the importance of supporting a diverse range of people.

We are dedicated to fostering equity, diversity and belonging within the profession, providing opportunities for all kinds of people to pursue a physiotherapy career.

Your background should not deter your ability to become a physiotherapist. 

It is fundamental to our work that we oppose all forms of discrimination and marginalisation. 

In our corporate strategy we commit to:

  • creating a physiotherapy profession that reflects the diversity in society
  • improving equity in health
  • enabling members to feel true belonging by visibly opposing discrimination
  • showing effective allyship

Embracing diversity enables physiotherapists to better serve patients and address their unique needs. 

a physio helping his patient to walk
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