Strong stories

Inspiring stories of people getting stronger their way to help you on your own journey

For many people living with a health condition, strengthening activities play a crucial role in managing symptoms and improving their quality of life.

Andy's strong story

Andy Ridge, 62, a married father of two from Sheffield had a stroke while on holiday three years ago.

Watch his story and read about how exercise and building strength aided in his recovery.

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Andy Ridge playing his guitar

Sara's strong story

Sheffield-based Sara Ali, 28, was born with a cyst on her brain, and has cerebellar ataxia. 

She started seeing a physiotherapist for strengthening in 2014.

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A young woman playing the piano

Kat's strong story

Kat, aged 48 years, was diagnosed with adenomyosis, a form of endometriosis, seven years ago.

Find out how she has used strength training and conditioning to deal with her condition.

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Kate, aged 48, with her pet rabbit