This Heart Unions Week - join the fight for workers' rights

The CSP’s ongoing NHS pay campaign further demonstrates the need for workers to come together to stand up for their rights, explains CSP organiser Iain Croker

by Crokeri

Watch members mobilise around fair pay, recruitment and retention in physiotherapy

Health unions’ preparations to take collective action brought the Scottish government back round the negotiating table,and delivered a revised pay offer that was accepted by our members. Now, most unions have been decided to pause their threatened Welsh NHS strikes, to allow for consultations on a new pay offer.

While the struggle for an improvement in England’s pay award remains ongoing against an intransigent UK governmentnow is clearly a crucial moment forworkers to realise their collective power within the trade union movement.

That's why this Heart Unions Week we are encouraging all physiotherapy staff to join the CSP.

  • Joining the CSP as an associate or chartered member is easy.  
  • Already a member? Talk to your colleagues and peers about signing up today. When applying, there is the option to complete a ‘refer & reward’ form, which means that both the new member and their referrer will receive a £10 digital reward voucher. 

Trade union membership does not only give you a fighting chance to improve your pay packet. By joining – or stepping up to become a steward or safety rep – workers gain a voice and make sure that their workplace concerns are heard and addressed.  

We fight for better working conditions, better training and education, and improvements in safety cultures, and we have the power to take action – up to and including strikes – to force employers in the public and private sector to make necessary changes.

CSP members have access to a wide range of benefits and services, including professional development opportunities, legal advice, and support with workplace issues. 

Find out more 

  • To help with member recruitment, flyers are available on our Print OnDemand platform – these outline the benefits of membership and how the referral scheme works.  

  • Visit the CSP organising hub for ideas on how you can organise and campaign on workplace issues with fellow members.

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