Scientific Panel

The Scientific Panel recommends proposals for funding to the CSP Charitable Trust on a yearly basis through the Physiotherapy Research Foundation and Special awards schemes.

CSP Charitable Trust Scientific Panel

Current members of the panel are:



Dr Ian Wellwood

Lecturer in Public Health and Health Services Research

King’s College London

Chair of Panel
Joined Oct 2011

Member of CSP

Professor Helen Dawes 
Oxford Brooks University - Centre for Rehabilitation

University of Ulster

Vice-Chair of Panel

Joined Panel Mar 2013 
Member of CSP

Dr Brenda O'Neill

Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

University of Ulster

Joined Panel Nov 2012

Member of CSP

Dr Louise Connell

University of Central Lancashire

Joined Panel Oct 2014

Member of CSP

Dr Cherry Kilbride

Brunel University

Joined Panel Mar 2016

Member of CSP

Dr Victoria Goodwin

Exeter University

Joined Panel Dec 2015

Member of CSP

Dr Michelle Briggs
Leeds Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

 Joined Panel Oct 2014
Non-physio member

Dr Victoria Allgar

Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

University of York

Joined Panel May 2011


David Britt

Joined Panel December 2016
Service user

Stuart Nixon

Joined Panel December 2016
Service user