Open Access Award

Find out more about the CSP Charitable Trust's Open Access Award.

The CSP Charitable Trust’s Open Access Award covers the cost of up to four open-access publications in Physiotherapy Journal. One award is made per quarter and a maximum fund of £2,000 is available for each award. 

To qualify for consideration for this award scheme, the first or senior author must be a CSP member. 

Successful submissions will demonstrate high-impact content, as judged by the journal’s editorial board, and be supported by evidence or potential indicators of impact. 

All submissions will undergo the journal’s usual peer-review and editorial processes, as defined in the journal’s Guide for Authors

There is no separate process for applying for an Open Access Award. Elsevier will contact the CSPCT if a paper is selected for an award. The first or senior author must ensure they have declared that they are a CSP member, via the tick box in the submission system

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