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CSP print and digital advertising opportunities give you prime access to around 60,000 members.

Why advertise with us?

Whether you choose a display advertisement in Frontline magazine or a banner or button on the CSP and Physiotherapy Jobs websites, you are maximising your chances of reaching decision makers across the physiotherapy profession.

95% of senior physiotherapy managers and key purchasing decision makers of equipment receive copies of the magazine, turning to Frontline for information on products and services.

The CSP website receives over 130,000 unique visitors each month and is supported by targeted member email bulletins, including the weekly Physiotherapy News to 51,000 members.


Advertising rates

Frontline products and services rates

Full page£4939 +VAT
Half page£2662 + VAT
Quarter page£1095 + VAT
Cover positions£3289 +VAT
Inserts£62 per thousand + VAT


Online advertising

SitePositionPrice (one month)
CSP - HomepageHome page (300x250)£40 CPM + VAT
CSP - Run of siteLeaderboard
(Desktop 728 x 90 pixels, Mobile 320 x50 pixels)
£51 CPM + VAT
CSP - Run of siteMPU (300x250)£45 CPM + VAT
Physiotherapy JobsMPU (300x250)£45 CPM + VAT
Physiotherapy News ebulletinFirst ad (600x159)£858 + VAT
Physiotherapy News ebulletinSecond ad (600x159)£858 + VAT
Physiotherapy News ebulletinThird ad (600x159)£682 + VAT
All prices exclude VAT

Booking deadlines

Frontline magazine 

Issue date

Ad deadline

Copy deadline

January 2023

2 December

5 December 2022

February 2023

6 January

9 January

March 2023

3 February

6 February

April 2023

10th March

13th March

May 2023

7th April

10th April

June 2023

5th May

8th May

July 2023

9th June

12th June

August 2023

7th July

10th July

September 2023

11th August

14th August

October 2023

8th September

11th September

November 2023

6th October

9th October

December 2023

10th November

13th November

January 2024

1st December

4th December

How to book your advertisement

To advertise a product or service in Frontline magazine, on the CSP website or on the Physiotherapy Jobs site, please contact our advertising team.

Cambridge Publishers Limited (CPL)
01223 378002

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