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The combination of Frontline magazine and the CSP website gives you an unparalleled way to reach the physiotherapy profession with your course advertisements.

Why advertise with us?

CSP members are employed in the NHS, private and independent practices giving you the most effective contact with chartered physiotherapists, physio students and assistants where it is needed.

The CSP stands alone as the leading professional body representing this niche group of healthcare professionals.

Frontline magazine is sent to all CSP members, making it the leading print medium for physiotherapy courses.

The CSP website receives over 130,000 unique visitors each month and is supported by targeted member email bulletins.

Advertising rates

Standard web listing£62 + VAT-
Per iCSP network promotion£18 + VAT-
per extra iCSP bulletin£10 + VAT-

Premium web listing
(logo, background colour, elevation in listings)

£99 + VAT 
Lineage cost-£1.10 per word
Per date and venue £28 
All prices exclude VAT

Issue dates and deadlines

Issue date

Advertising deadline


January 2024

5 December


February 2024

16 January


March 2024

13 February


April 2024

12 March


May 2024

9 April


June 2024

14 May


July 2024

11 June


August 2024

9 July


September 2024

13 August


October 2024

10 September


November 2024

15 October


December 2024

12 November


January 2025

10 December


How to book your course or event

You can book both print and web course advertisements through our online booking system.

Contact our advertising team

For course and event advertising, please contact: CPL One.

Tel : 01727 739186  Email : 

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