Mental health resources and helplines

Resources that will help support your mental health


Below are some resources that you may find helpful for maintaining your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Frontline19 – a free psychological support service for workers on the frontline.
  • Mental Health Foundation – a national charity that educates and supports local communities to improve their mental health.  
  • Mind – a mental health charity that supports and advocates on behalf of individuals with mental health problems, offering useful advice and resources for those experiencing or supporting someone with poor mental health.
  • Rethink Mental Illness – improving the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through a network of local groups and services, expert information and campaigning. 
  • NHS Employers: mental health in the workplace – tools and resources to help you make positive improvements to mental wellbeing.
  • Samaritans – this charity is not only for the moment of crisis, it's also taking action to prevent the crisis. You can contact the Samaritans by calling for free on 116 123 or emailing
  • Intensive Care Society wellbeing resource library – understanding the impact of reduced psychological wellbeing at work and what you can do in response, including tips for dealing with extraordinary situations such as Covid-19 and everyday working in critical care.
  • Psychology Tools – psychological resources for Covid-19.
  • NHS Drug addiction: getting help – NHS support page for drug addiction.
  • OKRehab – a recovery advocate service that offers advice and support with types of addiction.
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