MSD Resource Pack - resources for Safety Reps

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders present a serious, ongoing threat to the health and wellbeing of all physio staff. Use this resource pack to help safeguard your career.

Use the links below to access each part of the MSD pack:


  1. New graduates and MSDs: information on why new grads are at risk
  2. In-service sessions for members, two versions with tutors notes "MSDs and new grads and "MSDs: are you at risk?
  3. Power-point presentation on work-related MSDs, with notes 
  4. Body mapping: guidance on how to do it
  5. Risk assessment (includes a best practice checklist for safety reps)
  6. Advice sheet for new graduates and students on clinical placements
  7. Top tips to avoid MSDs, A4 size Poster
  8. Industrial injuries checklist for Safety Reps

Top tips for avoiding MSDs

  • Recognise your own limits
  • Be aware of the risk factors for work-related injury
  • Report injuries/symptoms
  • Take regular breaks
  • Share good practice and knowledge of preventative strategies
  • Say ‘no’ to unsafe practice

Recently qualified physios are especially at risk

Although students and new grads feel they have good training on manual handling, unfortunately they are still vulnerable to getting injured.  Read our advice sheet  to learn more about the risks and what can be done to avoid these accidents at work.

Repetitive strain injuries

Work-related upper limb disorders, such as RSI are a leading cause of work related ill-health.  Find out how to avoid RSI.

The CSP Guidance on Manual Handling in Physiotherapy

Download the CSP Guidance on Manual Handling in Physiotherapy (4th edition) for authoritative physiotherapy advice on manual handling covering: 

  • The professional and legal framework
  • Risk Management in treatment handling
  • Physiotherapists and associates’ education and continuing professional development