‘Go direct to a physio’ life-size stand

With the increase in first contact physiotherapy (FCP) services across the UK, there is a growing need to promote services at a local level.

CSP is developing a suite of resources, in consultation with members, to support physios in raising the profile of these services. These include posters, flyers and images for reception screens.


You can now order your own ‘Go direct to a physio’ life-size stand in the same design. The stand, which is made from polypropylene Bubble Board, measures 1 metre across and stands 1.75 metres tall (with a fold-out strut to allow it to stand upright). Please note: the life-size cutout itself does not fold and is couriered flat packed. Watch this video for a view of the stand’s front and back.

Please allow up to 14 working days for delivery. If you have any questions about the First Contact Physiotherapy resources, please email fcp@csp.org.uk