Engaging with NICE: a how-to guide

This guide outlines the ways physiotherapy staff can engage with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Due to the nature of registering as stakeholders with NICE, it is primarily relevant to the Professional Networks (PNs).

To effectively engage with NICE, the CSP recommends that PNs:

  • Identify a representative to act as a link with NICE
  • Prioritise and plan engagement with topics
  • Contact the CSP at the earliest stage if support is required

There are many ways for PNs to engage with the work of NICE.  So you will need to decide which is  most feasible and effective for your PN.  It may vary from guideline to guideline and reflect the changing capacity your PN will have.

Engaging with NICE is an important way to assert the role of physiotherapy in the topic in question.  NICE guidance strongly shapes the delivery of services and their associated allocation of resources.  That is why it is very important for the profession and for your speciality to engage with the NICE guidelines process!

Developing the skills and experience to engage with NICE can take time.  The CSP are here to help! Contact us via our Enquiries Team if you need support to help your PN to engage with NICE.