Easy Exercise Guide

The Easy Exercise Guide encourages people to ‘Move for Health', and explains how you can build easy, effective exercise into an daily routine.




Regular exercise and a balanced diet can have enormous health benefits now and in the future. Being more physically active can be easy and inexpensive.

Physiotherapists recommend 30 minutes of exercise at a moderate intensity, five times a week. This exercise can range from vacuuming and bowling, to walking, digging in the garden and jogging.

There are lots of ways you can fit more physical activity into your day:

  • Walking: take a brisk walk for as long as you can – 30 minutes is a good target to work towards.
  • Dancing: turn up your favourite tunes and dance around your home!
  • At work: take the stairs instead of the lift and do some desk-based stretches and exercises
  • Housework: turn chores into a workout by speeding them up or being more energetic

Setting yourself some goals, making sure you've got the right kit and keeping a positive attitude are all key to maintaining your exercise routine.

By taking regular exercise, you will gain enormous benefits for your overall health, now and in the future,

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