CSP Complaints Procedure

This procedure is to enable members of the CSP or those for whom the CSP have provided a service, to complain about the activities on behalf of the CSP of employees, representatives, or voluntary officials.

Whenever possible we will attempt to resolve complaints through informal discussions. A formal complaint must be made within two calendar months of the incident complained about. We will acknowledge it in writing within seven working days.

The manager responsible for the service, facility or activity complained about will investigate a formal complaint. We will investigate and respond to straightforward formal complaints within fifteen working days.

A complainant can apply for a review of the result of the investigation of a formal complaint. The application must be made within 28 days of notification of the result and we will acknowledge it in writing within seven working days.

We will appoint a Review Officer and, allowing for the complexities of each case, we aim to complete and communicate the result of the review within 21 working days of receipt.

We will report to our Senior Management Team about complaints in order to learn from them.