Aspiring to excellence: Services for the long-term support of stroke survivors

Guidance for commissioners and a resource for providers.


This guidance for commissioners and resource for providers will assist in developing a shared approach to achieving an improved quality of life for stroke survivors.

Stroke remains the largest cause of adult disability in England. Whilst in recent years there have been significant improvements in acute care, the provision of high quality, integrated services for stroke survivors after they leave acute care is not as straightforward.

When a stroke happens, the impact can be devastating both emotionally and physically. Many people survive a stroke but are left with a range of difficulties and impairments that are often still present on discharge from acute care.

These impairments may include paralysis, problems with movement, balance and posture, weakness, spasticity and pain. Many stroke survivors also have emotional difficulties and a very real sense of both personal and physical loss.

Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals, with their holistic, person centred approach to health and well-being are ideally placed to support individuals in working towards recovery.

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