Queen Margaret University

Queen Margaret University is the newest University in Scotland (January 2007) with an award winning green, highly sustainable campus sited a short train journey from Edinburgh City centre. From its historic origins in 1875, as the Edinburgh School of Cookery, the then Queen Margaret College it grew to including the largest variety of health programmes taught in the UK, with the Physiotherapy programme starting in 1978 moving from The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh School of Physiotherapy (established 1940).

About us

This low-volume, high-quality university is the first choice for talented individuals seeking an education and research experience in health and related studies, within an institution that is distinguished by its collaborative and innovative approach to research and teaching and close involvement with the local community. The size of the University community, approximately 5,600 students, allows excellent staff/ students interaction and links to local health facilities in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

About the faculty

The aim of the University is to enhance the quality of life and serve communities, through excellence and leadership in vocationally and professionally relevant education, research and consultancy, as a University which is outward looking and committed to innovation, participation and lifelong learning.