Sports massage

You will need separate insurance if you want to practice sports massage and you are not a registered physiotherapist.


From 1st July 2022  

The CSP will no longer offer additional sports massage insurance to our student and associate members. You will need separate insurance. Please contact James Hallam or an insurance broker of your choice. 

Qualified physiotherapists, who are HCPC registered and ‘full-practising’ CSP members, do not need separate ‘sports massage’ insurance, when sports massage is offered as part of physiotherapy practice.  

Student Members may undertake sports massage work separate to their physiotherapy studies. Associate Members may practice sports massage outside of their physiotherapy related work. These membership groups need additional sports massage insurance and the CSP offers a suitable policy via James Hallam


To be eligible to buy the policy you must:

  • Be a current student and/or associate member of the CSP
  • Hold one of these qualifications:
    - Level 3 ( or higher) Sports Massage Certificate from Sports Massage Association Accredited Schools
    - Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Certificate from VTCT, ITEC or CIBTAC
  • Retain your certificate of sports massage qualification as proof of eligibility to purchase the scheme.

No other qualifications are acceptable

The premium paid covers a fixed 12 month period from July one year to June the following year. A pro-rata premium is payable for those who take out the policy mid-term. Renewals will come directly to you provided you are still a CSP Student and/or Associate Member.

Student members do not need to continue their separate sports massage policy once they are a registered physiotherapist and they have moved into a ‘practising member’ category of CSP membership (either B or C categories).

Student members can apply for cover directly with the MPLC.

The policy provides run-off cover for students not progressing to full-practising member status.

Access relevant documentation

  1. Full policy schedule of the Student Sports Massage policy 2020-21: Updated document coming soon. This document provides the full terms and conditions of the Student Sports Massage insurance policy. 
  2. Summary of cover for the Student Sports Massage policy 2020-21: Updated document coming soon. This document provides a summary of the Student Sports Massage insurance policy

Evidence of Insurance

You can now download your personal 'Evidence of sports massage insurance document' from the website. To use this service you need to be a current CSP member of one of the following types: Student member, Associate member, Associate student member or Life member.

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