Hip Sprint Local

Our set of tools can hep you identify how your service meets the CSP hip fracture standards and our Q&A will answer any questions you have

Get started

HipSprint Localis the next phase of the CSP’s work following on from the ‘HipSprint’ audit by the Royal College of Physicians and the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) in 2018. Download the document below to find out how you and your team can get started.

Audit Tools

Use these tools to capture data about your hip fracture rehabilitation provision against the CSP standards:

Standard 1: A physiotherapist assesses all patients on the day of, or day following, hip fracture surgery

Standard 2: All patients are mobilised on the day of, or day following, hip fracture surgery

Standard 3: All patients receive daily physiotherapy that should total at least two hours in the first 7-days post surgery

Standard 4: All patients receive at least two hours of rehabilitation per week in the subsequent weeks post hip surgery, until they have reached their goals

Standard 5: All patients moving from hospital to the next  phase of rehabilitation are seen by their new rehabilitation provider within 72 hours

Standard 6: A physiotherapist is part of every hip fracture programme’s monthly clinical governance meeting

Standard 7: Physiotherapists share their assessment findings and rehabilitation plans with all rehabilitation providers to enable clear communication with the multidisciplinary team

Got any questions?

Our set of frequently asked questions will help with questions you might have about doing a Hip Sprint Local audit.

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