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The provision of high-quality clinical exercise is playing an increasing role in public health and rehabilitation interventions and there is a growing need for patients and populations to access it.

The physiotherapy workforce is central to delivering exercise interventions, however the demand for exercise means we are seeing a growth in the use of exercise professionals in a number of different roles alongside members of the physiotherapy profession across settings and specialities. This coincides with changes to the accreditation and registration of clinical exercise physiologists. 

By optimising the available workforce and taking advantage of the unique knowledge, skills and experience of all professions, we will be better placed to meet the growing demand for exercise in rehab and for longer term self-management.

By watching, reading and sharing these case studies, we hope our members and other exercise professionals will see how collaborating can provide valuable opportunities to enhance our delivery of exercise interventions in rehabilitation pathways, and ensure that physiotherapy plays a leading role in the development of them. The key messages include:

  • Utilise exercise professionals in addition to the physiotherapy workforce
  • As the physio and healthcare landscape changes, we must adapt and work together for the good of patients
  • We must acknowledge and respect the skills and expertise that our different professions bring to the care and rehab of patients
  • By working together, we can improve patient outcomes
  • Collaborating is about enhancing our care, not undermining our roles

What to do next

Please share these films and written case studies with your colleagues and open the conversation about how you could collaborate with exercise professionals.

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We would like to thank our stakeholder group who helped us to develop these case studies:

  • MACP
  • APCP
  • Later Life
  • Physiotherapists in exercise oncology special interest group
  • BASRaT
  • CEP-UK
  • UK Active

In particular, we would like to thank staff and patients at:

  • Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Pure Sports Medicine
  • Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • St. Mirren Football Club


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