Health unions call for more NHS flexible working

The CSP is joining forces with other unions representing NHS staff to call on employers to make flexible working more available.

The joint-union campaign, called ‘Let’s talk about flex’, seeks to counter some of the effects of 
burnout, low morale and high stress many NHS staff are experiencing.

It showcases positive examples of flexible working, while providing helpful advice and resources to 
support staff seeking those arrangements.

A lack of flexible working is regularly cited as a key factor in difficulties recruiting and retaining staff.

Some 30,000 staff left the NHS last year due to the issue.

Claire Sullivan, director of employment relations and union services at the CSP, welcomed the 

‘Our members are delivering vital services and for many, flexible working arrangements can make 
the difference between staying in the NHS or needing to find work elsewhere.

It is essential that all NHS employers make clear to their staff that they fully support the principle 
and guarantee everyone has the ability to find a solution that works for them.

‘This campaign is an important contribution to bringing about a change in the NHS that would make 
it a workplace for all, ensuring patients get the quality of care they need.’

Let’s talk about flex

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