#TUC2019: Flexible working is a win win for workers and employers, says CSP

The CSP has called on unions to unite in campaigning for employers to do more to extend flexible working and to boost efforts to demonstrate the benefits to employers too.

CSP delegate Vicky Reynolds-Cocroft speaking today at the TUC 2019 event. Photo: Jess Hurd

Half of NHS staff were unsatisfied with opportunities for flexible working, survey data shows, and reps tell the CSP that many physiotherapy staff still find their request for flexible working rejected, with a significant minority leaving the NHS as a result, Vicky Reynolds-Cocroft told delegates to TUC Congress 2019 in Brighton.

Seconding a composite motion by the FDA union calling for employers to be more pro-active in promoting flexible working, Ms Reynolds-Cocroft said: ‘A lack of understanding and even negative attitudes of leaders and line managers towards flexible working can prevent its benefits being realised either for individuals, or for the organisation.

‘This is why the CSP launched the Building the better balance campaign to help stewards support members who were requesting flexible working, but also to highlight the benefits of flexible working to managers and employers.

‘We know that flexible working aids recruitment and retention, improves productivity, reduces stress, and makes staff feel valued and motivated as they achieve the work life balance they need,’ she told congress.

'Physiotherapy managers in all sectors are reporting escalating difficulties recruiting staff in a variety of grades and clinical specialisms. If organisations, including the NHS, want to attract and keep the best, then they must adapt.'

Ms Reynolds-Cocroft said unions needed to continue to campaign for the right to request flexible working from day one,  but also build on that by 'showing how flexible working is a win-win for both the workforce and employers.'

The motion was passed unanimously.

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TUC Congress is the annual policy-making conference of the British trade union movement; it started Sunday and ends Wednesday.

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Among contributions from the CSP to come are on the issues of mental health and sexual harassment in the workplace.

CSP Building a better balance campaign


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