Right to rehab in Scottish law is demanded

The Right to Rehab Coalition has launched a campaign to secure the right to rehab in the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Human Rights Bill.

Right to rehab
Organisations from the Right to Rehab Coalition in Scotland gather at the Scottish parliament to call for the inclusion of rehabilitation as a human right in Scottish legislation. Photo: Colin Hattersley 

The Right to Rehabilitation Coalition came together today at the Scottish Parliament to demand that access to rehabilitation is recognised as a human right in law.

The Scottish Government is proposing to create a Human Rights Bill that puts several UN treaties into law. The Right to Rehab Coalition is campaigning to ensure that the right to rehab is included this legislation. 

Kenryck Lloyd-Jones, CSP public affairs and policy manager for Scotland, said: 'There is no right to health without rehabilitation. It’s just as important as surgery and medication for healthcare.

Rehabilitation can be the key to helping people get back to work or doing the things they love.

'It must be available to everyone following an accident, injury or illness. We know this is not the case currently.

'Investing in timely quality rehab and recovery services is also essential to enable the NHS to address long waiting times, reduce readmissions and to ease pressure on social care. The Scottish Government must include a Right to Rehab in the Human Rights Bill to create a legal requirement that everyone in Scotland has access to the rehabilitation they require.'

The Right to Rehab coalition is one of four alliances, in each of the UK nations, co-chaired by the CSP. The coalition is a collective of health charities and professional bodies working in Scotland who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation. Along with the CSP, membership includes Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), Royal College of Occupational Therapy, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy, Asthma and Lung UK and Stroke Association.

As part of its campaign of support, the coalition has launched a petition where CSP members can indicate their support for the addition of the right to rehabilitation to the bill.
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