Scottish government leads on rehab framework with service self-assessment tool

CSP is encouraging all members to engage with and support the rehabilitation self-assessment exercise, and ensure that an accurate picture of physiotherapy rehabilitation is gathered in the data.

Community rehabilitation remains a priority campaign for the CSP. Physiotherapy makes a unique and essential contribution to rehabilitation, within the context of a multidisciplinary approach, and physiotherapists understand the value and potential of rehabilitation to improving the quality of life.

Over the Scottish parliament elections the CSP campaigned alongside numerous other professional bodies and service user organisations for the right to rehab in Scotland #righttorehab.   The campaign aims to secure investment and strategic leadership to ensure that everyone receives the rehabilitation they need to gain the best outcomes if they suffer illness / injury, or are living with long term conditions, and a human rights based approach to securing health and social care.

Three main parties, including the SNP, made manifesto pledges to support the right to rehab, and the Scottish government is now incorporating this work into the implementation of the Rehabilitation Framework published in August last year.

As a first step the Scottish government is seeking to bench mark current services through a ‘self-assessment tool’ which is being sent out to all NHS health board AHP directors and chief officers of health and social care partnerships. The self-assessment tool seeks to answer ‘where we are now’ with questions to service leads on the challenges and opportunities for rehabilitation services.

Through campaigning with members, we know of the significant challenges that have been faced by physiotherapists pre-pandemic, and the additional challenges in remobilising. There is a need for a transformational agenda that moves away from a service centred approach to access and provision to a system that meets the needs of the local population and optimises health outcomes.

It is vital that physiotherapy services inform the self-assessment exercise, and that responses reflect not only the good practice but also the potential to do more and the vision to improve and transform.

The CSP is therefore encouraging all members to engage with and support the rehabilitation self-assessment exercise, and ensure that an accurate picture of physiotherapy rehabilitation services is gathered. The data will inform the next steps for the rehabilitation framework.

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Sara Conroy CSP professional adviser for Scotland

Kenryck Lloyd-Jones CSP public affairs and policy manager for Scotland

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