Swim England launch latest ‘swimming as medicine’ video with the CSP

The latest video in the ‘swimming as medicine’ series, which focuses on physiotherapy, has been launched by Swim England and supported by the CSP.

The aim of this video is to further highlight to physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals just how powerful being active in water can be for individuals with complex health problems and rehabilitation needs.

The 'swimming as medicine' series has been created to encourage those healthcare professionals to consider recommending swimming and aquatic activity to their patients as an effective way of improving health and wellbeing.

In the video, physiotherapist Joanne Pritchard features along with some of her patients who swim together regularly at an MS Society swim group in Retford, Barnsley.

Sara Hazzard, associate director strategic communications at the CSP, said: ‘Swimming and aquatic activity allows people to develop skills to self-manage their condition, maintain a good quality of life and reduce dependence on long-term medication.

If a patient is able to effectively self-manage by having access to support, from swimming to aquatic activity and aquatic physiotherapy, this reduces their attendance at GP and secondary care services, which is beneficial to both the patient and the healthcare system

The videos have been developed following research commissioned by Swim England in 2020, which identified physiotherapists as a key professional group in influencing behaviour change at an individual patient level.

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