CSP backs campaign to help people with long term conditions love activity

The CSP has welcomed a new national campaign that is encouraging people with long-term conditions to be more active.



We Are Undefeatable aims to support the one in four (15.4 million) people in England who are living with one or more long-term health condition, such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis or Parkinson’s.

By providing advice, support and a range of resources, it hopes to inspire people with long-term health conditions to overcome barriers to exercise and become more active – in whatever way might suit them best.

The initiative is a collaboration between Sports England, the National Lottery and 15 health and social care charities, including Age UKParkinson's UK and the Stroke Association.

As part of the campaign, these organisations are highlighting the findings of a survey, conducted earlier this year by DSJ Research, which collected the views of 1,300 adults in England who are living with long-term health conditions.

The results showed that

  • 69 per cent would like to be more active
  • 66 per believed being more active would help to manage or improve their condition
  • 52 per cent thought improved mood and wellbeing would be the greatest benefit of being more active
  • 24 per cent feared that physical activity might make their health issues worse
  • And 44 per cent were keen to receive guidance and advice about how to be more active

Aligned to Love Activity


The drive to encourage people to take part in accessible, enjoyable and individually tailored activity echoes the goals and messages provided by CSP’s Love activity, Hate exercise? campaign.

Like Love Activity, the new campaign also uses real life case studies to provide examples of how people can engage in a diverse range of activities that can help to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing.

Similarly, We Are Undefeatable also highlights how people can build physical activity into their lives by recognising the unique barriers that individuals with long-term health conditions often face.

Sara Hazzard, CSP assistant director strategic communications, said: 'After two successful years running the Love Activity campaign, our members have consistently proven how important the role of the physiotherapist is to reassure, advise and support people to overcome any barriers they may be facing to being more physically active.

'With the Love Activity campaign ending this month, it’s an ideal opportunity to support this new campaign especially as their insight is very similar and the tone and visuals are very encouraging.'

Campaign resources


Campaign materials are available to download free and health professionals can use them to promote awareness about the campaign and encourage people with long-term conditions to seek advice and support about how to become more active. 

The resources include

  • An activation brief that provides details about the campaign and links to resources to help health professionals have physical activity conversations with patients
  • A4 campaign posters
  • A dispenser containing 100 campaign conversation starters, for use in waiting or treatment rooms
  • Access to a campaign film for use on waiting room screens
  • Social media content

Public Health England also plans to distribute campaign support packs to every GP surgery and community pharmacy in England as part of a wider programme to support healthcare professionals to promote physical activity to their patients.

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