Write to your MP: CSP urges members to back reforms to sexual harassment law

The CSP is urging members to help prevent workplace sexual harassment, by asking their MPs to ensure that the Workers Protection Bill becomes law.

The Workers Protection Bill could help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

We are encouraging CSP members to write to your local MP to express support for new legislation to be passed that would help tackle workplace sexual harassment.

The CSP, alongside the TUC, other trade unions and equality rights based organisations, has been campaigning for reforms to the law around workplace sexual harassment since 2018.

Last month, we were delighted when the Worker Protection Bill, led by Wera Hobhouse MP and supported by the CSP and others, reached its second reading in the House of Lords and seemed on a path to becoming law.

However, despite commitments from Government in the House of Commons to implement these changes, this Bill is now in danger, and we need your help to save it.

If implemented, the Bill will create a duty for employers to proactively prevent workplace sexual harassment from occurring, by taking reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment from colleagues, customers, clients. This includes proactively protecting employees by having proper and sufficient workplace policies, reporting procedures and training for staff.

The Bill has cross-party support and furthermore, after extensive consultation, the government committed to implementing these changes in 2021. It is imperative that years of hard work and campaigning is not lost.

As CSP national officer Siân Caulfield explains: ‘Sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive problem that affects millions of workers. This insidious form of discrimination and abuse can take many different forms from unwanted advances, comments to physical assaults and intimidation.

‘Additionally, if you are a woman, Disabled, LGBTQIA+ or Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic you are significantly more likely to experience workplace sexual harassment.

Abuse like this can have a devastating impact on victims, causing emotional distress, trauma and even physical harm. From an employer perspective, it can lead to decreased productivity, retention issues and a toxic workplace culture that undermines the morale and wellbeing of employees

‘This is why it is imperative that the Government and the House of Lords continue to support the Workers Protection Bill. By enshrining these protections into law, the Government has an opportunity to send a strong message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in any workplace.’

Please write to your MP to save the Worker Protection Bill

It only takes 30 seconds using this form to automatically identify and send your MP a letter to show your support for this important legislation.

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