Test your shared decision-making skills with new virtual patient simulations

The Personalised Care Institute has launched an innovative virtual reality simulation to help physiotherapy staff and other healthcare professionals improve their shared decision-making (SDM) skills.

Virtual Patient simulation online training

The online training, which was developed in collaboration with Keele University, is now available as a free, quality-assured e-Learning tool called Virtual Patient.

Virtual Patient offers a lifelike virtual reality training that aims to provide clinicians with the opportunity to put their shared decision-making skills to the test through a series of lifelike simulated patient consultations.

The simulation, believed to be the first in the world to use non-immersive virtual reality to explore the key SDM micro skills of agenda-setting, teach-back and exploring patient preferences, allow users to try different conversation pathways and techniques in a risk-free environment – with comprehensive feedback provided at the end of each exercise.

So far, two virtual reality scenarios have been launched, including one that simulates an in-person consultation based on an osteoarthritis discussion, and further scenarios are due to be launched in the coming months.

Abi Henderson, CSP head of practice improvement, said: ‘Shared decision making is fundamental to the delivery of high-quality physiotherapy where people are truly at the centre of their care. 

It takes skills to deliver this collaborative approach successfully. This innovative training is a great opportunity for physiotherapy staff to practise and refine these skills, which will help deliver improved patient care and outcomes

You can try Virtual Patient here


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