The East Midlands physio workforce love to network

What does networking mean to you? To interact, connect, exchange information, develop contacts.

However you choose to define it the noise levels during breaks at CSP East Midlands Regional Network events always goes through the roof and leaves us in no doubt that the physio workforce love to network!

This got the core team of the CSP East Midlands Regional Network thinking. We all agreed that the opportunity to network is important and valued by members, but our packed event schedules do not always allow lots of times to do this.

The solution? Inspired by the PT Pub Nights we decided to trial dedicated CSP member networking nights. I raised my head above the parapet and volunteered to coordinate the inaugural event. I booked a cosy corner in a refurbished Victorian musical hall called The Malt House in Nottingham and got to work promoting the networking night via social media and Frontline.

I arrived first and was nervous when no one else was there! However, some new faces soon arrived and explained that they has heard about the night through CSP emails. Encouragingly, they all explained that it was the first time that they had attended something like this and demonstrated that the networking nights provided another way for the Regional Network to engage with local CSP members. Attendees ranged from students, to educators and those working in private practice. Conversation flowed and we all agreed that it was a great idea to get the physio workforce together.

What next? It’s up to you! Our original intention was to move the networking tonight to another venue and try to cover the large geographical area that is the East Midlands region. However, we’re keen to hear what members want. Please share your suggestions for venues and formats. Join the East Midlands Regional Networking Facebook Group or tweet us @CSPEastMidlands to have your say.

Keep reading Frontline and follow the Network on social media to be first to hear what will happen next.

David Williams

BSc Physiotherapy (Year 2) University of Nottingham Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) Student Representative CSP East Midlands Regional Network core team member CSP Professional Practice and Service Delivery Committee Representative on the Student Executive Committee

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