TUC launches leadership programmes for disabled and LGBTQIA+ workers

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is launching two brand-new leadership programmes which are open to CSP members.

The two programmes, one of which is for disabled workers and the second for LGBTQIA+ workers, will run in 2023 through a series of six two-hour evening sessions. The interactive sessions will be delivered weekly 7pm-9pm, beginning on in February (LGBTQIA+ workers) and March (disabled workers).

Each programme will bring together a cohort of 20 union reps and activists to learn and share expertise and experience. Each programme will provide the group with the opportunity to: 

  • Explore their own approach to leadership and what authentic leadership could look like 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the trade union movement including employment law, structures, and organisational and industrial challenges 
  • Develop a network of supportive disabled and LGBTQIA+ leaders in the trade union movement which enables further leadership development. 

Please contact Siân Caulfield by no later than Wednesday 7 December if you would like to apply. 

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