CSP welcomes TUC Anti-Racism Manifesto

This week the Trades Union Congress (TUC) released its anti-racism manifesto – an action plan for change across UK workplaces – and within unions themselves. 


Claire sullivan kneels to sign a large pledge card, already containing a number of handwritten signatures.
Claire Sullivan pledges on behalf of the CSP to implement the manifesto's actions

The manifesto was launched by the TUC Anti-Racism taskforce, led by NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach. Some of its key actions include

  • We will identify a mechanism to monitor cases to tackle race discrimination in the workplace and report on progress, wins and losses. 
  • We will demand that employers monitor and review their recruitment, retention and employment practices and we will press for action by employers to tackle underrepresentation, outsourcing/two-tier employment and to eliminate race pay gaps.
  • We will establish a programme to increase the representation of Black activists in our structures and set targets to improve the representation of Black workers at all levels in our union structures, including on our main decision-making bodies, nationally and regionally.
  • We will run campaigns to tackle racism in the labour market and create better working conditions for Black workers.
  • We will campaign for the introduction of mandatory race pay gap reporting across all sectors and industries.
  • We will ensure zero tolerance of racism in our workplaces.

Founded in 2020 the Taskforce was tasked to tackle the structural racism within the labour market and wider society. Over the past two years, the Taskforce has led the trade union movement’s renewed campaign against racism at work. It has engaged with Black workers, including CSP members, across the UK to hear about their experiences.

Signing off the manifesto, the TUC said:

We acknowledge that the trade union movement and individual unions still have some way to go to represent Black workers fully and none of our trade unions are exempt from the existence of institutional racism

In response to the publication of the manifesto, CSP director of employment relations and union services and TUC General Council member, Claire Sullivan said:

This will not be an easy task, but the CSP are fiercely committed to supporting the work in delivering this manifesto, which details how trade union campaigning, organising and bargaining will be renewed and what we need to do to tackle racial inequalities in communities and workplaces.

The TUC’s Anti-Racism Implementation and Oversight Group will report regularly to the General Council and annually to Congress on the progress and outcomes of this important work for the next five years, as we work to secure transformative change. This manifesto sets out our intent and provides a mechanism for us to monitor and assess our progress and review the changes we need to see in our unions and across our movement.

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