Tell the CSP what you need from private practice insurance

Insurance costs are rising in every sector at this time, that's why the CSP PLI team work closely with our brokers James Hallam to ensure our policy is best value for money and meets the needs of our private practitioners as far as possible.

We work through an annual cycle from July each year when our new policy begins, to review where we are, reflect what we could do better, refresh and make changes as required and revise the policy in time for the following year.

By listening to your concerns and monitoring the queries we get through our enquiries service we have been able to make some improvements recently. We have:

·         Raised the turnover cap to £140k for eligible businesses

·         Ensured self-employed members can take students without needing separate employer liability insurance

The more we are able to understand your needs the better we able to work on your behalf to ensure the policy is as comprehensive and competitively priced as possible. For example, the turnover cap may have been raised but have we raised it by enough? Should a turnover of over £300k be the cut off for small business covers or has this changed in recent years?  What changes would help you?

We are therefore looking for your help. We have designed a short survey which will better inform us of your PLI needs and help us to explore what additional covers may be possible. You can access the survey here:

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