CSP urges members: check your HCPC registration status

The CSP is urging members to check their HCPC registration status immediately, after reports of members being removed from the register. 

Members who have been due to reregister for this year should have received an email from the HCPC when the renewal period opened in February and a further prompt last month.

As a result, members who have not acted on this email message – or have not seen it – will have been removed from the HCPC register and need to check their registration status immediately. If affected, members need to act now, including ceasing work as a registered physio until the situation is rectified. The CSP estimates around 3000 physios continue to be affected. 

The CSP is urging members to:

  • Reregister with the HCPC immediately. Members reregistering have a month to do so without a renewal fee.
  • Stop advising or seeing patients as a registered practitioner with immediate effect if you have been deregistered. You may undertake duties as an associate or undertake delegated activities.
  • Members must not use the protected titles of “physiotherapist” or “physical therapist” until HCPC registration is confirmed.

In addition, the CSP has developed specific guidance for both those who are employed and for those who are self-employed.

CSP director of practice and development Ash James said, ‘It is vital that members take action should they have been affected by deregistration, including ceasing to practice as a registered physiotherapist immediately.

‘Given this issue has the potential to have significant impacts for members, including loss of earnings, we’re urgently seeking solutions from the HCPC to resolve the issue and will update members as soon as possible with further information when we can.

‘The communication with our members has been wholly insufficient and now puts at risk thousands of physio appointments at a time when patients are already waiting an unacceptably long time to be seen.’

Help and support

Members can check and confirm if they are registered on the HCPC website.

Further support for members affected is available from the CSP. As well as the guidance for members, specific support is available in instances including:

  • If you are investigated by your employer, your local CSP steward can support you through the process. If there is no CSP steward in your employing organisation, call the CSP on 020 7306 6666 to seek further advice.
  • If you are reported to the HCPC and they write to you regarding an investigation, seek support from your local CSP steward. If there is no CSP steward in your employing organisation, call the CSP on 020 7306 6666 to seek further advice.
  • If you will suffer hardship by being unable to work, you can make an application to the Members Benevolent Fund (MBF).

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